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The contributors include warriors and rangers.

Adam/Core Team ->> Task List: Create the task list by monthly
Contributors ->> Task List: Claim tasks and assign themselves
Contributors ->> Task List: Update the status of tasks
Contributors ->> Adam/Core Team: Submit a proposal to add a new task
Adam/Core Team ->> Adam/Core Team: Approved/rejected proposal
Adam/Core Team ->> Task List: If approved, add the proposaled task to the list
Contributors ->> Task List: Complated the assigned task and update the statuså
Adam/Core Team ->> Task List: Review and confirm the completion of the task
Adam/Core Team ->> Contributors: If review is approved, pay the incentive fee manualy
Adam/Core Team ->> Governance Forum: Post a topic to collect contributions by monthy
Ambassadors ->> Governance Forum: submit contributions by replying to the post

Warrior and ambassador (without BD):


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October Task List

September Task Archive